About Us

DebitCardGuru is designed to help you find the best debit card or digital bank for everyday spending and foreign travel. Each card listed on the site has a comprehensive review highlighting the benefits and possible pitfalls.

The days of carrying large amounts of cash with you on your travels are luckily a thing of the past. There are now over 30+ digital banks with many spending options to help you save on fees when traveling in Europe or beyond.

Apart from saving money the security aspect of using a pre paid debit card controlled via an app is attracting travelers from all backgrounds. Imagine running into issues with lost or stolen cards with a traditional bank! The word nightmare springs to mind. Luckily, now this is a thing of the past with digital banks.

On this website you will find the key information for the most popular pre paid debit cards and digital banks for everyday use or to spend in foregin currency. We created this siter to make it easy to select the right card for your needs. Nobody wants to trawl the web reading through the fine print T&Cs. We eliminate this need and put all the important information in one place.

If you have any questions please email us by clicking here.