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What is bunq?

Bunq enables you to open a fully functional current account with no fees for transactions. If you need multiple accounts then you can have up to 25 for a monthly fee. Also, bunq makes it easy to send money between friends, collegues and companies. This is particularly popular with people who need to split bills regularly. Businesses can also use bunq for company banking, using a similar interface as the personal current account. bunq is 100% operated through a mobile app which is available for android or iOS.

The concept of Bunq was first brought to life in 2015. It was founded by a Dutch Bank who operates only online. The entire product is app based meaning you control every aspect of your account from your Android or iOS phone. As a customer of Bunq you will receive the contactless Bunq debit card that can be used globally wherever Mastercard is accepted. bunq has already proven extremely popular with people who travel frequently, allowing them to have a fully functional bank account to use abroad. Remember, unlike other rivals, this is not just a prepaid debit card this is a real bank with an abundance of handy features for managing your money.

How do I get a bunq debit card?

Signing up to bunq is extremely straight-forward. Simply download the app to your iOS or Android device and follow the simple steps. You may be wondering how, they verify your Identity? Afterall, joinining a tranditional bank can be a nightmare, thankfully with Bunq you don’t need to make appointments and find tons of paperwork! Simply take a photo of your preferred photo ID and record a short video and you are ready to go.

The bunq card generally will arrive within 5 – 7 working days and then you are ready to start taking advantage of all features bunq has to offer.

bunq Fees and Costs

There are some fees and costs associated with the bunq debit card. First of all, it’s completely free to open a Bunq account. However, the free option is pretty limited as you can’t use a card. For this option you need the premium option which is priced at €7.99 per month. When using your Bunq card to withdraw money you will get 10 ATM withdrawals every month at no extra cost. Spending in countries with a different currency is simple too. Just use your card as normal and benefit from the Mastercard exchange rate which is usually very competitive compared to other rates.

Editors thoughts...

Remember, this is not a Pre Paid debit card, this is a full bank account managed entirely through your iPhone or Android phone. We believe it is one of the best optiions out there for anyone wanting a powerful bank account with no fee spending in Europe.

Notable features of bunq

Another popular use for bunq, is paying bills in Euros. Doing so won’t cost you a penny. This is ideal if you are traveling around Europe for an extended period of time. Recently Bunq added functionality to work with Apple Pay. This means you can add the card and pay using your phone anywhere that accepts contactless payments.

One of the best features that we enjoy is the fact you can create up to 25 sub-accounts. This means you can organise your money quickly, whether you are saving towards a goal or simply want to put money aside for bigger things such as a holiday or a car. This helps massively with budgeting and is something not generally offered by more traditional banks.

Bunq joint accounts mean that 2 people can have access to a single account. This can be activated very easily unlike other banks where the process is very complicated.

bunq Safety and Security

Bunq is probably one of the best options when it comes to safety and security. You can freeze a card quickly from the app if it is lost or stolen. You can also view and change your PIN directly from your phone if you think your account has somehow been compromised. Unlike some rivals, Bunq has a full banking licence issued in Holland. This means customers are protected up to €100k. So, in the very unlikely event Bunq was to go bankrupt your money is completely safe.

What is the bunq travel card?

The bunq travel card is the latest addition to their euro bank account offering. In an already competitive space with other challenger banks already offering travel products, bunq have finally decided to take on the competition such as Revolut and WeSwap. The bunq travel card works in pretty much the same way as the standard bunq debit card. The main draw is that it benefits from the Mastercard exchange rate without any mark up fees. Compared to a traditional bank, this is a much better option for travelers as high street banks typically add a 2% – 3% markup on foreign transactions. The only fee that they charge is a modest €0.99 on ATM withdrawals. The card costs €9.99 initially to cover delivery costs but with all things considered, this is still the cheapest option for travelers or people who take several trips abroad in a year.

The one aspect of the bunq travel card that sets it apart from cards such as Revolut etc is the fact that the bunq travel card is a credit card, not a prepaid debit card. This is particularly useful as it can be used for things like car rental and hotel deposits without any issue. Prepaid debit cards cannot be used for these transactions. It’s worth bearing in mind that although the bunq travel card is considered a credit card, you can’t actually run up debt by spending money you don’t have. You always need enough money on your card to make the transaction, just like the regular bunq debit card.

bunq Customer Support

bunq offers comprehensive customer support via the app. Simply choose help and then submit your question either to the community or to a member of the bunq support team. You can also submit your issue via email by using support@bunq.com. If you are looking for the bunq contact number, unfortunatley they do not offer telephone support.

bunq Terms and Conditions

If you want to look deeper into the bunq t&c’s, you can find the full bunq terms and conditions over on their website.

Advantages of bunq debit card

  • Very quick and easy to sign up
  • No fees for espending in Europe with Euros
  • Multiple sub bank accounts
  • Easy joint account option

Disadvantages of bunq debit card

  • 10 Free ATM withdrawals per month
  • Monthly fee (although we fee its worth it)


We think bunq is a probably the best option for anyone wanting to spend in Euros frequently. The features of bunq make this one of the most powerful options. For this reason, we think the monthly fee is justified and well worth it for what you actually get.

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