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The goal of N26 is to simplify the way in which people use their bank in the modern day. Traditionally, banks have not caught up technology wise, and are still stuck with old processes and procedures which are inconvenient and prone to a variety of issues for customers. With N26, you have all of the offerings of a traditional bank plus the latest technological innovations within an easy to use interface. N26 is more than just a debit card, it’s a fully functioning bank. If you are looking for a card and account for everyday use and not just for travel, then this may be the best option for you.

In the UK, the bank launched in November 2018, but it has been long established in other countries such as Germany and Spain. At present the bank is open to customers in over 17 countries in Europe and beyond.


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FCA: 795007


ATM LIMIT: Unlimited


APP: iOS & Android

CS METHODS: Phone, Chat & Email




LOADING OPTIONS: Transfer, Apple Pay, Debit Card


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What is N26 and how does it work?

N26 is a fully functional bank controlled via an app on your smartphone. Customers receive a contactless debit card which can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Registering is simple, and you generally receive your card within 3 – 5 working days. Many people are attracted to N26 due to their low foreign currency fees and simplicity when it comes to managing your account. N26 is slowly rolling out to more countries across the word and is fast gaining a reputation of being one of the most popular banks for both travelers and day to day banking.

This review is designed to show you the many features of N26 Bank and help you decide whether it is the correct option for you. Take a look at the short video below to gain an insight into the ethos of N26 bank and how the app works.

The N26 Mobile App

What can you do from the app? In short, everything. The whole idea of N26 bank is to control your finances and manage your account via your smart phone. You can install the app if you have an Android or iOS device. At first glance, the interface is clean and minimalistic. This is refreshing as the interfaces of traditional online banking are often cluttered and confusing. You can quickly see a snapshot of your finances and with the ability to create virtual sub folders inside your main account, you can separate funds or save for a specific purchase for example a holiday or car. N26 has named these sub-accounts ‘spaces’ and it integrates extremely well into the main screen.

Something that N26 bank has put a lot of effort into, is statistics. Their statistical approach allows you to quickly identify what you are spending your money on. If you are looking to scale back your spending the graphs and charts make this very easy to control.

Exchange Rates

At present the rate for foreign withdrawals is 1.7%.However, if you are a Revolut Black customer, they are free.The exchange rate is based on Mastercards rate. Card issuers such as Mastercard take a mid market rate which can fluctuate slightly.

ATM limits and fees

Germany 5 free withdrawals every month in Germany and unlimited free withdrawals in EU
Austria No limit
Italy No limit
France, Spain, the Netherlands, and the Rest of Europe 5 free withdrawals per month in your country of residence and EU
UK No limit

N26 Bank Safety and Security

This is a perfectly valid question where your money is concerned. Many people are hesitant to make the switch to a completely digital bank. In truth, N26 is arguably safer than others. Features like being able to temporarily freeze your card should it fall into the wrong hands, really are useful and the fact it can be done right from your app in seconds is extremely handy. This means no more long (and sometimes expensive!) telephone calls to a call centre.


Editors thoughts...

We firmly believe that N26 is one of the best “challenger banks” around. Remember, this is not just a Pre Paid debit card, this is a full bank account managed entirely through your iPhone or Android phone.


N26 operates with deposit protection up to £85,000. This means you have complete piece of mind that your money is safe under this scheme. When logging into your account you will find there are 3 layers of security. Again, this arguably way better than some brick and mortar style banks. For a start, you can only link up your account with one phone at any given time. This means it is impossible to be used on multiple devices for sinister reasons. The second layer of security is a password or finger print if you phone allows this. Finally, a unique PIN is required to gain access.

Generally speaking, changing a PIN for a bank card is a incredibly frustrating process whereby you have to physically visit an ATM to make the change. With N26, you can do this in seconds from the app. Simply login and change it to a new number and it will be changed for you in real time no matter where you are in the world.


N26 Black – The Premium Version

The cost of N26 Black is £10 per month. Is it worth it? Well, that depends on where and how you use your N26 card. Here are the key benefits so that you can decide whether or not you will take full advantage.

N26 Black is the premium or ‘VIP’ version of the bank. Within this, customers have a wide range of benefits. If you travel frequently, the insurance coverage offered within N26 Black may be of interest to you. Full coverage for medical costs with an unlimited cap. This is very reassuring should you require medical assistance while out of your home country. This is also non deductible which is an added bonus.

If your travel plans are ruined by a delayed flight then you are eligible to claim up to £400. The only stipulation is that the delay must be 4 hours or longer. This is pretty useful as delays can end up being expensive if you are running to a tight schedule while traveling. Similarly, if you have hold luggage that does not show up at your final destination, you can also claim up to £400. You are eligible to claim if the luggage takes more than 6 hours from the actual arrival time of the flight.

In terms of theft coverage, N26 Black offers a few different kinds of protection. For mobile phones, you can claim up to £300. The only rule is, that the phone in question must have been originally purchased using your N26 card. Proof is required when making the claim. Also, there is a £50 deductible on this claim. Should you have the misfortune of being mugged and cash is stolen from you, you can claim back up to £500. The only rule is, the mugging has to have taken place within 4 hours of withdrawing the cash, and of course it has to be a withdrawal from your N26 account.

If you are going to buy electronics in the near future, the extended warranty cover offered by N26 black may be of interest. As long as you make the initial purchase with N26, you get an extra year on top of the existing manufacturer warranty. The limit with this is £500 so bear this in mind if the item is more expensive.

Cancellation insurance on your trips is offered up to a maximum value of £5,000. The deductible for this is up to 20% so do bear this in mind when claiming. Finally, you can also benefit from car hire insurance, this is particularly useful as companies often push their expensive third party insurance at every opportunity.

We believe just with the insurance options offered alone, N26 Black pays for itself. If you were to purchase alternative insurance separately, you would end up paying a lot more money.

What are the fees associated with N26?

Service Fee
General account service
N26 Account Free
Includes a package of services consisting of:


Access to the account overview via the N26 mobile and N26 web app; access to N26



Services beyond these quantities will be charged separately.

Payments (excluding cards)
Transfers Free

Transfers sent and received from within the

United Kingdom in GBP

Receiving a credit note Free
Standing order N/A
Direct debit N/A
Valid refusal of collection of direct debit N/A
Valid refusal of direct debit due to insufficient funds N/A


Cards and cash
Issuing of a debit card Free
Issuing of a credit card N/A
Cash deposits N/A
Cash payout Only cash withdrawals at ATMs are supported
Cash withdrawals with the debit card at an



Some ATM operators may charge you a direct fee, which is independent of our charges. The fee amount will be shown to you before the withdrawal at the ATM and collected by the ATM operator.

Cash withdrawals with the debit card in other currencies than GBP 1.7% of amount drawn
Cash withdrawal with the credit card at an


Cash withdrawals with the credit card in other currencies than EUR N/A
Overdrafts and related services
Approved overdraft Service not available
Tolerated Overdraft 14.9% p.a. debit interest

The debit interest rate for Overdraft Interest is variable and accrues on a daily basis. Interest is charged on a quarterly basis and debited from your N26 account. We will not charge you more than £80 per calendar month for an unarranged overdraft or any unpaid transactions.



Information on additional services

Information on fees for services exceeding the quantity of services covered by the package of services (excluding fees listed above)

Service Fee
Ordering a replacement card (Mastercard) 1 free replacement per year; £6 for any

The fee will be charged for the replacement of cards which were lost, stolen or misappropriated or in case of other unauthorised use of the card. This fee covers both the cost of replacing and delivering the card. We will not charge this fee unless the need to issue a replacement card results from circumstances for which you bear responsibility or where the Bank is responsible for these circumstances. The fee will be debited from your N26 account immediately.


Standard delivery: 3-5 business days

further such replacement
ECA (Emergency Cash Advance) 


Every Customer with the Mastercard is entitled to use the Emergency Cash Advance (ECA) Service for a fixed fee of GBP 120 The service provides cash payment of up to GBP 500 following the loss card. The Customer can request the amount to be paid out in any country which has a Western Union (or Western Union partner bank) branch.

£120 per service provision
Support for independent account switch 


N26 provides helpful forms on request for the payment partner to find out about and to close the old account.

Cashless payments with Mastercard Card in all currencies around the world Free 

Conversion to real exchange rate without foreign currency surcharge

N26 FAQs

Does N26 Bank support Google Pay?

Yes. N26 fully supports Google Pay. This means you can link your N26 card and make purchases in person or online using your mobile phone.

Will I get a account number and sort code with N26?

Yes. Like any UK bank you will have your own account number and sort code. This means you can set up Direct Debits or standing orders just like you would with any traditional bank.

Can I use my n26 card abroad?

Yes you can but be aware there may be a foreign transaction charge.

How long does it take for a N26 card to arrive?

The N26 card usually arrives within 5 business days. It is delivered by UPS so you can track it every step of the way.

Where can I use n26 card?

You can use N26 globally wherever you see the Mastercard logo.

How to top up N26 card?

N26 is essentially a bank account. You can receive funds by bank transfer as you would with a traditional bank account. The best way to manage your funds is directly from the app.

How can I cancel my N26 card?

The fastest way is via the N26 app in the manage cards section. This can be done instantly.

How do I get a N26 black debit card?

Designs vary and change but at present the N26 debit card is available in black. When you sign up, the website will show you which card you are going to receive.

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