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APP: iOS & Android

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Email & Telephone


MONTHLY FEE: 1 Month Free Then $4.99 / month


LOADING OPTIONS: Bank transfer, Debit Card , Direct Debit & Apple Pay


Quick reference

What is Greenlight and how does it work?

Greenlight is a debit card designed for kids. It offers full parental control via an app available for Android and Apple devices. The idea behind the Greenlight debit card is that you can teach your children the value of money from an early age. The monthly fee for the service is $4.99 per month. Although not a new concept, the service was originally created by Tim Sheehan and was built to solve a common problem that parents face; how to give kids the freedom to spend while teaching them the value of money.

When you download and install the app, you as a parent, have a dashboard where you can manage and control every aspect of your children’s spending. This includes transferring money, enforcing budgets and even limiting where and how they can spend their money. Greenlight is not only for spending. You can also apply interest rates to your child’s accounts which helps them to understand how compound interest works. This feature is great for encouraging them to save money. Your child will be able to transfer funds just like a normal bank, however everything has to be approved by the parent before the payment can be released.

Greenlight Card Features

Educational Saving Tool 

With a normal bank, it can be intimidating to understand what interest is and how it works. With the Greenlight, app children can visually see how their money can grow over time. This is a great way to learn how interest works and the importance of saving money. The interface is simple and visual and explains every aspect of making their money grow over time. As a parent are able to set the rate at which money will grow when saved.

Activity Notifications

Account notifications keep parents informed about all expenditure. You can set up the accounts in such a way that you have to approve each transaction. This ensures that you remain in full control of spending at all times. This works in the same way weather your child is spending in a store or online.

Custom Spending Limits

Within the Greenlight app you have full control over the stores that your child can use. You can whitelist or blacklist websites and stores within a few clicks. If you blacklist a store, it will auto decline any attempted transactions.

Create Your Own Alerts

Every time your child uses their Greenlight debit card, you will be notified via the app. You can create custom alerts that trigger when a balance reaches a certain amount or when the card gets declined. This is useful to ensure your kids aren’t overspending.

Multiple Accounts For Each Child

Each Greenlight account allows 5 sub accounts for multiple children. You can even add grandparents to the app too if you wish!

Editors thoughts...

Traditional banks sometimes have services aimed at parents however, they simply don’t offer the tools or parental control compared to Greenlight. Thousands of parents agree that Greenlight is the perfect choice for parents who want to teach their kids how to manage and save money from a young age.

How To Customize Greenlight Card

Greenlight offers the option to create a custom card. Typically, this can be a picture of your child or any other image as long as it meets the community guidelines. This is a fun way to encourage your kids to spend using Greenlight and helps the card stand out! It’s very easy to create a custom Greenlight debit card following the steps below:

  1. First sign up to Greenlight here. From the main dashboard, click “Customize Childs Card”.
  2. Next, click “Choose a Photo” located at the bottom of the screen. Browse and select the photo you wish to use. Once uploaded, you can adjust the image to make sure it fits the size of the card.
  3. There is a one time fee for a custom card currently priced at $9.99. Once you have chosen your payment method and clicked confirm, the card should be with you between 5 to 10 business days.

Where Can Greenlight Card Be Used?

As a general rule the Greenlight debit card can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard. This applies to vendors both online and in traditional shops, cafes and restaurants etc. There are a few restrictions that are in place to safe-guard customers.

  • Wires or money orders
  • Security brokers or deals
  • Dating/escort services
  • Massage parlors
  • Lotteries
  • Online casinos or online gambling
  • Horse racing and dog racing
  • Non-sport internet gaming
  • Cashback at the point of sale

How Much Does Greenlight Card Cost

The pricing structure of Greenlight is fairly straightforward. The monthly price is set at a modest $4.99 per month. Included in this price is up to 5 cards associated to one Greenlight account. There is not a premium plan currently, and all features are included with no additional costs.

It’s worth nothing that if your child loses their card, a replacement will cost $3.50. Delivery of cards is free however you can receive your card faster with express shipping. This takes 2 days and costs $24.99. As mentioned previously, customized cards come at a price of $9.99.

We have an offer for readers which will give you the first 30 days completely free of charge if you wish to try Greenlight before you commit. Click below to grab your free trial!

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