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ATM LIMIT: $2,000 / day



APP: iOS & Android

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Email, Telephone & Web Chat


ANNUAL FEE: $19.99 / year



CARD DELIVERY CHARGE: Free ($5 if lost or stolen)


What is BusyKid? 📖

BusyKid is an app that’s designed to help you pay your kids for carrying out chores. BusyKid comes complete with a prepaid debit card that can be used both in stores and online. However, you can only access the card if you opt for the premium version of BusyKid. If you only choose the free version of BusyKid, you won’t get the card. Nonetheless, the premium version is competitively priced at just $19.99 per year. Growing numbers of parents have been teaching their children valuable money management skills via BusyKid. In this guide, we’ll look at the key features of BusyKid, the pros and cons, the costs, the app itself and the security features on offer.

How Does BusyKid Work? 👨‍🏫

BusyKid is an app with features that will teach your children the value of saving, investing and sharing. It will also teach them about sensible spending. If you opt for the premium version of BusyKid, your child will receive a debit card. The service does give you a certain level of control over your child’s spending. For instance, your child won’t be able to transfer money to their spend, share or spend card without your approval. However, once the money has been loaded onto the card, you won’t have any control over how the money is used. This is one reason why the service is mainly being used by parents who trust their children to spend their money responsibly.

Key Features of BusyKid ⚙️

If you opt for the free version of BusyKid, you won’t get the card but you will be able to track and record your child’s chores. You can provide your child with an automatic weekly or fortnightly allowance. If the chores have not been completed, you don’t need to transfer the money. You can also add further paydays if you feel your child deserves them as part of the PayDay Anytime feature. You can also give one-off bonuses when your child has been extra helpful.

The app also encourages saving. With the savings match feature, you can match up to 100% of any funds they have saved during the week. Kids can add cash to their debit card, but they can also spend it on chores and donations to approved charities. You can add two separate parent accounts too, which is ideal for parents who no longer live together. The only way for one parent to access the other’s bank account is to source their PIN. BusyKid has also improved its customer service standards over recent years. You shouldn’t have to wait for more than an hour or two for someone to return your call if it’s not answered immediately.

How Much Does BusyKid Cost? 💷

If you want the card version of BusyKid, this will cost you $19.99 a year. However, it will only cost $7.99 for each additional card you want to add. Becoming paid subscribers will also give you access to premium app features. The $19.99 annual payment works out as just $1.67 per month, so it won’t break the bank for most families. Even if you have five kids to cater for, you’ll only need to pay $51.99 per year.

It’s not advisable to buy a BusyKid with a credit card as this card will then become the default funding method, and you’ll therefore be charged $0.55 every time you reload your child’s card. This is why so many parents purchase and fund BusyKid cards with checking accounts instead.

The Busy Kid App 📱

The BusyKid app comes complete with an exciting range of features for kids and their parents. It features a chore chart in which chores and allowances can be set in line with the age of each child. However, parents can change these if they feel their child is capable of more or less work. Kids can also invest in real stock in companies including Netflix, Apple and Disney. BusyKid has made a special arrangement with their partner Stockpile to ensure there are no fees for buying stocks and selling one costs just $.99.

Kids have been donating six-figure sums to charities via BusyKid. More and more charities are being added to the approved list all the time. The app also allows parents to pay bonuses for special achievements such as qualifications or high-quality work around the home. The app also provides a detailed history of all the transactions that have been carried out with the Spend Card. The Activity Feed lets parents see what’s occurring in real-time.

Is BusyKid Safe & Secure? 🔒

Parents need to approve when money leaves the BusyKid system. However, it doesn’t offer as many parental controls as you’ll get with many other cards. Once funds are added to the spend section of an account, parents have no control over how the money is spent. They do maintain control over how much money is moved between the save, spend and share sections.

BusyKid does protect information with bank-grade security. As the card is issued by Stride Bank, funds have FDIC insurance. As it offers separate funding sources for parents who are no longer together, your ex-partner won’t be able to see your bank account details if you both want to use the app.

Advantages of BusyKid 👍

  • Teaches children valuable financial management skills
  • Encourages kids to share and save as well as spend
  • Up to $2,000 can be loaded onto cards within a 30-day period

Disadvantages of BusyKid 👎

  • Adding, transferring and loading money could be easier

Conclusion 💭

There are many reasons why BusyKid might be a good money management solution for families. It gives children the chance to spend money whilst encouraging them to save, invest, share and give to charity.

The app has generally received positive reviews online, although some parents say the process of adding, transferring and loading money to the card could be more straightforward. In any case, BusyKid is one of the most affordable services in its field and has proved highly beneficial for many American families.

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