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FDIC Approved: Yes


ATM LIMIT: $500 per day

ATM FEE: FREE (out of network $2.50)


APP: iOS, Android

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Email, Live Chat & Telephone


MONTHLY FEE: None (Premium $4.99 / month)


LOADING OPTIONS: Bank transfer, Direct Deposit


About Current Bank

Current Bank is a US based online only bank that was founded by Stuart Sopp. The main intention of Current Bank is to bring financial services that historically were not accessible to the masses. Their philosophy is to offer their custom built banking technology to their customers without the pitfalls and fees of traditional banks.

The checking account is accessible through the current bank app which enables customers to manage their money closely through a variety of tools based around real-time information and transactions.

What is Current Bank and how does it work?

Being an online only Neobank, you will need to download the Current Bank app to your smart phone. Once downloaded and installed the next step is to fill out the information requested on each screen. This process takes about 5 minutes however, it may take some time to verify ID documents provided. This typically takes 24 hours, and once complete you are ready to start using Current Bank. The simplicity and east of creating an account has been highlighted by many customers as traditionally opening a checking account in store was is a tedious process!

The Current Bank App

The Current Bank app is available for both Android and iOS. The design may surprise you when you first open the app, as the interface is modern and slick. This comes as a surprise as traditional banking apps are notoriously difficult to navigate. The insights and analytics of customer spending is probably the best feature of the app. This allows you to keep track of expenditure and deposits as well as being able to see which stores or websites you spend the most money.

Current Bank Safety & Security

As Current Bank is covered by the FDIC, your funds are protected up to the value of $250k. You can also reach their customer support team who work around the clock to address any issues or concerns you may have as a customer.

Current Bank Key Features

Savings Pods

Although Current Bank doesn’t offer a savings product in the traditional sense, you are able to create “Savings Pods”. This is essentially a sub account within your main checking account. The idea is that you can separate money from day to day spending. For example if you wanted to put money aside for a holiday or new car, you can keep your saving organized all with in the app.

Round Up Saving

Another useful saving feature is the round up functionality. You can specify an amount to round up to on every purchase. The difference is then placed in to a savings pot so that you can unconsciously save at a faster rate. For example every time you purchase a coffee for $3.99 you could choose to round it up to $5.00 meaning every time you buy a coffee you are automatically putting $1.01 into your savings!

How Much does Current Bank cost?

The Current Bank fees vary depending on which type of account that you open. The basic Current bank account is free of charge and comes with the standard current bank debit card. The premium Current Bank account costs $4.99 per month and for that price you get a Current Bank black debit card, access to early direct deposits and 3 savings pods.

Advantages of Current Bank

  • No minimum balance required to open a Current Bank account.
  • Handy automatic saving features available.
  • Easy to use mobile app with access to all features, no more visiting a physical branch.
  • Fast customer service available in-app.

Disadvantages of Current Bank

  • Features lacking compared to similar bank offerings.
  • Could be improved for use overseas.


In summary, Current Bank offers a solid all round checking account for day to day use within the US. If you are wanting to try a digital only bank for the first time then this is a great option. The sign up and verification process is straightforward and the user interface of the app is far from complicated. We believe Current Bank will only continue to get better as time goes on making Current Bank worth a try if you want to make the switch to a digital only bank.

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