Jassby Review

What Is Jassby? 📖

Jassby is an app that allows parents to manage allowances and chores. The app is designed to help parents to share cash with their kids whilst teaching them about the value of money management. It gives kids access to a virtual debit card. Kids can be rewarded for carrying out jobs, performing well at school and meeting targets. The money earned by kids can be spent in the app. Parents can monitor these purchases. Find out more about Jassby and how it can benefit you and your kids by reading on.

How Does Jassby Work? 👨‍🏫

More and more money management apps for families have been appearing on the market over recent years. Jassby is just one of them. It has similar features to various other apps. The virtual debit card can be used not only in the Jassby Shop but in stores that accept Apple Pay too.

Parents can set not only one-off but recurring chores. They can reward their kids with real money when these are completed. Jassby also allows parents to set and manage allowances. Kids can also request money via the app when they need it, and parents can send it at any time. Jassby gives parents a great deal of control over money. It allows them to set spending limits and decide what their kids can buy at the Shop. You can track your whole family’s activity on one screen. The screen will tell you what your kids have been buying, when they have been buying it, how much they have been spending and more. The app also comes with various security features to keep your child and your money safe.

Key Features of Jassby? ⚙️

Jassby offers a virtual debit card as opposed to a physical one. The app is available for the iOS operating system, and kids can make purchases with Apple Pay. Jassby may well be ideal for your needs if you want to give your child the experience of earning and spending money without losing control or visibility.


How Much Does Jassby Cost? 💷

It won’t cost you anything to use the Jassby app, but you’ll need to pay $2.99 a month for the virtual debit card. However, the fee may be waived if you make a minimum of one card purchase a month. You won’t need to pay anything to reload cash or make ATM withdrawals. The Jassby card comes with a six-month free trial so you can decide whether it’s right for you before you commit to a longer-term paid arrangement. Considering some cards cost around $50, this makes the service one of the cheapest in its field.

The Jassby App 📱

The Jassby app is pretty simple to use. It comes with a range of budgeting tools alongside a savings goal tracker to encourage your child to treat their money sensibly and consider their financial future when planning purchases. Various parental controls have been built into the app to deliver extra peace of mind. As the app is only available for iOS users, your child will require an iPhone if they are to gain much benefit from it.

Is Jassby Safe and Secure? 🔒

Jassby is built on the latest encryption technology and biometric authentication. This means unauthorized users shouldn’t be able to make purchases with the card. Powered by Mastercard and insured by Sutton Bank, Jassby is just as safe as any conventional adult bank account due to the encryption provided.

Advantages of Jassby 👍

  • Easy to use
  • Great for iPhone owners
  • Various parental controls
  • Teaches kids the value of good money management

Disadvantages of Jassby 👎

  • iOS operating system required
  • No physical card
  • Need to make one purchase a month to avoid charges
  • Contactless transactions must be available for in-person purchases

Conclusion 💭

There are many reasons why Jassby might be a good match for you and your child. Nonetheless, there are several things that you need to be aware of before you go ahead and sign up for the service. If your kids want to make a purchase in-person, they’ll need to ensure the store accepts Apple Pay. This could be difficult if you live in a small town where retailers are less likely to offer this facility.

It’s also worth noting that it’s not possible to withdraw money from an ATM with Jassby. This could be problematic in situations where your child needs access to physical cash. The card can only be loaded via the mobile app, but you’ll never have to worry about cards being lost as there are no physical cards.

A key benefit of choosing Jassby is that the subscription fee is one of the lowest-priced on the market. In fact, you won’t need to pay anything if you make at least one purchase with the virtual card each month. Even if you don’t make any purchases throughout the year, you won’t need to pay any more than $36 for this service.

Parents can add funds to their child’s Jassby account by linking their own bank accounts, debit or credit cards to it. Many parents have taken advantage of the six-month free trial period before going on to use Jassby permanently. Parents can switch the virtual debit card on and off whenever they like. For instance, the card can easily be powered off if your child has been behaving badly, performing poorly at school and you decide to withdraw certain privileges due to this. Kids are also given access to an in-app mall, where they can purchase over 20,000 products from big-name retailers. These include Nintendo, Apple and Starbucks.

Perhaps someone else would like to add funds to your child’s account? Many grandparents have sent money to their grandchildren via the app. If you are happy with this, you can permit a grandparent to link their bank account to your child’s Jassby account. However, grandparents won’t be able to override any of the spending controls that you have already set.

There are many options out there if you do want to provide your child with a physical debit card. However, many families have been faring just fine with Jassby thanks to the ever-growing number of retailers now accepting contactless payments. Jassby may well be the right answer to your child’s spending and saving requirements.


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