Mazoola Review


What is Mazoola? 📖

Mazoola is a debit card for kids that has inbuilt tools for saving, allowances and chores. The card itself is actually a virtual Mastercard, and the service can be used for free. The service supports contactless payments. This means it can be used with any retailer that accepts contactless payments. Parents can use the service to set chores and pay allowances. More and more parents are using virtual debit cards to teach kids the value of money and learning good financial management skills. In this review, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of Mazoola, how it works and help you decide whether it’s a good match for you and your kids.


How Does Mazoola Work? 👨‍🏫

If your child or children are ready to start managing their own cash, Mazoola may be a good match for your needs. You don’t need to pay anything to access the app or the virtual card. The app comes complete with a range of tools that allow you to assign chores and track them and create savings targets. Kids can use the app to spend money anywhere that contactless Mastercard payments are accepted. Mazoola is likely to be suitable for your family if you live in an area where most retailers accept contactless payments. This means it might not be a great match for you if you live in a rural area or a small town. If you’re based in a larger town or a city, you should find Mazoola is accepted by most local retailers.

If you want to apply for a virtual Mazoola card, you’ll need to go to the official site and apply for one. You can then download the app and select sign up. You’ll then need to give details such as your name and email address as well as your phone number. Once you have requested a code, you’ll need to give the last four digitals of your Social Security number as well as your address. You can then link a bank account or credit card and set up an account for your child.

Key Features of Mazoola ⚙️

Mazoola is missing some features that you can access from similar services. These include investing platforms, which are appearing with more and more virtual card services for kids. However, there are still several useful features built into Mazoola that can help your child become more adept at money management. Parents can manage and track allowances, set spending controls at specific retailers and receive immediate alerts whenever the virtual card is used by your child. Many parents are drawn to Mazoola due to the lack of fees. You don’t have to pay anything to use Mazoola, and it won’t let your child go overdrawn. If your child doesn’t have enough cash to fund a purchase, the transaction will simply be declined.

Many parents also love the way that the app allows kids to set savings goals. This can teach them the value of saving and spending money wisely. You and your child can easily keep track of the progress made as they work towards their savings goals. Kids are also able to send P2P payments to their friends and family members through the app.

How Much Does Mazoola Cost? 💷

As stated above, you don’t have to pay anything to use Mazoola. This makes the service ideal for families with limited budgets. You’re particularly likely to benefit from Mazoola if you have several children to cater for.

The Mazoola App 📱

Mazoola does have an app, but it’s not available on Google Play at the time of writing. This means it’s only available for iPhone users right now. Nonetheless, rumors of an Android version of the app have been circulating for some time. It’s worth noting that Mazoola only launched earlier in 2021, so it’s likely several changes and updates will be unveiled over the coming months.


Is Mazoola Safe and Secure? 🔒

The Mazoola virtual debit card is issued and FDIC-insured via Evolve Bank & Trust bank, which is a highly prestigious and reputable organisation that insures accounts for a range of well-known banks. Mazoola also has backing from Mastercard’s Zero Liability Protection. This means if any unauthorized transactions are carried out via the app, online or at a physical store, you won’t be charged. Mazoola also follows the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). As a result, parents need to give consent on which of their kids’ details can be collected by apps, sites and devices.

Advantages of Mazoola 👍

  • Free to use
  • Teaches kids money management skills
  • Can be used anywhere that accepts contactless payments

Disadvantages of Mazoola 👎

  • No physical card available
  • Not currently available on Android
  • Lacks features offered by other apps

Conclusion 💭

There are many reasons why Mazoola may be suitable for you and your kids if you wish to teach them quality money management skills and encourage them to save. The app also offers a great deal of transparency, and you can receive alerts whenever your kids spend money on their virtual card. The fact that the app is free to use is an advantage it has over most debit cards for children. Kids cannot withdraw physical cash at the ATM using their card. Many parents will appreciate this as it means purchases cannot be hidden from them.

Mazoola also has a daily purchase limit of $3,000, which is around $500 more than the limit offered by many other cards. As soon as the account is set up, the virtual card can be accessed. Once you have connected Mazoola to your bank account, transferring money to the app should be simple. You can also arrange recurring deposits so your child is paid each week after they’d carried out their chores. You can get the best out of Mazoola by showing your child around the features. Let them know how to mark their chores as completed, how to use their card and how to set goals to help them benefit from the service fully.

If you ever need to get in touch with the customer service team at Mazoola, you can give them a call between 9 and 5 on weekdays on 844-210-4789 or send an email to


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