WeSwap Review

WeSwap was first created back in 2011, it finally went live to the public during 2015 and has now completed over £130 million in exchanged currency. We swap was created by Jared Jesner. His background originally, was working for JP Morgan in the City of London.

WeSwap has come a long way since it first started. It has grown its user base year on year and went from just 6 currencies to over 18 currencies.


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FCA: 95716


ATM LIMIT: NONE (£1.50 fee under £200)


APP:  iOS and Android

CS METHODS:  Phone and Email




LOADING OPTIONS: Debit Card, Bank Transfer

Quick Reference

What is WeSwap?

WeSwap is a currency card that can be used in countries around the world to help you save money on transaction fees. The product is essentially a mobile app and contactless debit card issues by Mastercard. The card is specifically designed with travellers or holidaymakers in mind and has gained an abundance of press coverage predominantly in the UK.

WeSwap card can be used to pay for physical goods, online and to make ATM withdrawals. In this review we will make you aware of all the benefits along with some possible things to watch out for on your travels.


Editors thoughts...

WeSwap is a solid choice for day to day spending or for use throughout Europe. Take advantage of the free £10 offer and register today!


Is WeSwap secure?

Being a financial product, security and privacy is something that WeSwap take very seriously. Their approach to security is somewhat more advanced than traditional card providers. For example, you can freeze cards, change PIN and check transactions in real time using the WeSwap app. This level of control enables you to stop fraud or security breaches before it’s too late.

Logging in uses 2 factor authentication for an extra layer of security. This makes it difficult to gain access should your card or phone become lost or stolen.

WeSwap is registered with the FCA and operates in the same way as any legitimate bank or currency service. For this reason, users have peace of mind that their money is safe just like a regular bank. Many people ask is WeSwap legitimate, which is a valid question however, it has been recommended an featured on various TV Shows and publications such as The Telegraph, This Morning and The Financial Times.


Account charges and delivery costs

The WeSwap card is completely free to order. Simply download the app, fill out your details and your card will arrive within 3 – 5 working days.


WeSwap Card Fees and ATM Withdrawal Fees

When using your card to withdraw cash, there are no fees over £200 per month. If you withdraw under £200 the fee is £1.50/€1.75/$2.25. This is applicable when using your card within the United Kingdom. Other countries vary, here is what it will cost you to withdraw in the respective countries:


Country Threshold Amount
Australia A$350 or under A$3
Canada C$300 or under C$3
Switzerland CHF300 or under CHF2.25
Denmark DKr2,000 or under DKr15.00
Euros €200 or under €1.75
United Kingdom £200 or under £1.50
Hong Kong HK$2,000 or under HK$20
Hungary Ft80,000 or under Ft600
Israel ₪1,000 or under ₪8.00
Japan ¥30,000 or under ¥275
Norway NKr2,000 or under Nkr15.00
New Zealand NZ$400 or under NZ$3
Poland zł500 or under zł8
Sweden SKr2,000 or under SKr15.00
Singapore S$400 or under S$3
Turkish ₺1,000 or under ₺6.00
United States $200 or under $2.25
South Africa R3,500 or under R25

*Although this is rare and depends on the country, sometimes ATMs will add their own fees on top of the transaction. It’s best to find banks that don’t charge if possible as these fees can add up over time!



Editors thoughts...


WeSwap is a solid choice for day to day spending or for use throughout Europe. Take advantage of the free £10 offer and register today!

The WeSwap Credit Card

WeSwap recently launched a credit option which allows you to set a pre-agreed credit limit which is then loaded on to your card. Once this is approved, you can transfer and spend the balance as usual. The card is effectively interest free, as long as you pay the balance owed in full, within 30 days. Failure to do this results in an interest rate at 19.9% being applied to your account. WeSwap customers can borrow between £250 to £2000.

WeSwap FAQs

Is WeSwap contactless?

Yes, the WeSwap card is contactless and can be used anywhere that accepts contactless payments. The limit is generally between £20 – £30 for a single transaction but this can vary depending on country and currency.

Is WeSwap legitimate?

Yes – it most certainly is. For your piece of mind, it is worth noting that all funds in WeSwap are held by IDT Finance which is fully regulated throughout the EU. If, in the very unlikely circumstance WeSwap was to go bankrupt, you would not lose any of your money. It would be returned from IDT finance. For this reason you don’t need to worry about your money when using WeSwap.

How do I get a WeSwap promo code?

From time to time there may be WeSwap promo codes available. At present we are not aware of any promo codes. However, if we do get any promo codes we will be sure to list them here.

How to activate WeSwap card?

Activating a WeSwap card is very simple. First, sign up and once you receive your card. Follow the instructions within the app. Activation is instant meaning you can start using your card as soon as you receive it.

Can I order a new WeSwap card?

Should your card become lost or stolen, the first thing you need to do is block the card within the WeSwap app. This will prevent any unauthorised usage. Next, you can request a new card to be sent via post to your home address. Delivery typically take 3 – 5 working days.

Where can I see the full WeSwap terms and conditions?

You can see the full terms and conditions for WeSwap on the official website.

What are the limits when adding funds to WeSwap?

Below we breakdown the load limits of the WeSwap card. This varies slightly depending on the currency you wish to fund your card.

The absolute minimum that you can add to your card in one transaction is £10. In equivalent currencies this breaks down to: €15, NKr100, SKr100 or DKr100.

If you are planning a long trip (or expensive one!) you may be wondering what the maximum is that you can add to WeSwap. At present the maximum load is £3,000. This only applies to a single load. The maximum total balance you can have on your card at any one time is £6,000. If you wish to load your card multiple times in a day, you will only be able to do this 5 times. It is worth bearing this in mind if you find yourself needing to top up frequently within one day.

Transferring finds to people within WeSwap, what are the limits?

The transfer fees within WeSwap are based on monthly amounts. At present the limit for both sending and receiving is £2,000.

Is there a limit to how many transactions I can make while abroad?

The short answer is yes. Currently WeSwap limits you to performing 15 transactions per day while traveling. It is also worth noting that you are limited to 2 ATM transactions per day which includes informational transactions such as checking your balance or changing your PIN. Finally, the maximum amount you can withdraw from an ATM while abroad is £500.