bunq debit card

10 Amazing Things You Can Do With bunq

1. Set up a joint bunq account

With bunq you can easily set up a joint bank account without the usual stress and hassle of a high st bank. A joint bunq account gives you all of the features and control of a regular personal account. This feature is perfect if you require more than one person with access to bunq.

2. Easily create 25 sub accounts

Need to separate your money and keep certain things separate? With bunq you can create up to 25 sub accounts. Essentially this is like having multiple accounts with all the features of a main account. Whether you want to put money aside for a holiday or car or just like to keep your money organised by goals, bunq sub accounts are the perfect way to keep your funds organised.

3. Create savings goals

Savings goals allow you to keep track of how much you have saved and how close you are to reaching your goal. Stay on track for that holiday, house deposit or whatever you wish to save for however big or small.

4. Interest rate 9x higher than high st banks

The interest paid on bunq accounts is on average 9x higher than you would get on a comparable current account from a high st bank. You can rest assured that your money is earning a competitive rate interest while you bank with bunq.

5. Dual PIN code creation

Need to keep access and funds separate? With multiple PIN creation you can make sure your money is debited from the correct account while still using only one card. This feature is extremely useful for anyone who doesn’t want a separate card but has multiple accounts.

6. Instant card freezing

In the unfortunate event that your card becomes lost or stolen, you can quickly freeze your card and change your PIN directly from the app within minutes. This means, no long and expensive phone calls or long wait times in your bank branch. You have full control directly from your phone.

7. On the fly virtual cards

Need to use your card online but don’t want to run the risk of fraud? Simply generate a virtual, one-time use, bunq debit card that is only valid for one transaction. Once used, the details are no longer of any use to potential criminals who want to steal your information.

8. Fast instant payments

Send money to businesses or friends instantly within a few seconds. No more wait times that stretch over 1 or 2 business days. Simply enter the information and hit send.

9. Up to 10 free cash withdrawals

No fees on cash withdrawals from ATM’s globally, as long as you make 10 or less withdrawals a month. Forget hefty fees and commissions when using your card at an ATM!

10. 0% Foreign exchange fees

Transfer money into a foreign currency without the added commission fees. As bunq users benefit from the international Mastercard exchange rate, you can rest assured you will get a competitive exchange rate on foreign cash.

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