3 Revolut Features You MUST Try!

Split your bills with friends or family

Did you know you can also split bills with your phone contacts and send local and international bank transfers? Here’s how it all works!Split bills in a couple of taps

From dinner with friends to your holiday expenses, you can split a bill with anyone in seconds. Just select the transaction and who you want to share the payment with – we’ll do the rest! If you’re all using Revolut, the money will be paid into your account

Get paid back by friends who don’t have Revolut

If you need to send or request money from friends or family who are not on Revolut, just send them a payment link where they can enter their card details and have the money sent to your Revolut account in seconds. Head to Payments to try it out now.

Send and recieve payments with people in proximity to you

Use our ‘Near Me’ feature to pay someone back, even if you don’t have their phone number! We’ll connect you with other Revolut users via bluetooth, so you can send and receive payments in a flash. Near me also makes it super-easy to split a bill with a group of friends or colleagues at a restaurant. Head to Payments tab to try it out now.

Check out these features now if you haven’t already! If you haven’t tired Revolut sign up here!